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Essay - Prospects And Challenges of 21st Century

Prospects And Challenges of 21st Century

Practical Centre Essays on "Prospects And Challenges of 21st Century"

Nature has its own laws. Man s deeply related with nature. It is the best creative work of the Divine. Man has always endeavored for his survival. A number of nations have erased from this universe due to some reasons.
Man has always faced the challenge of nature to keep himself fit. The process of survival of the fittest in an environment has always been in
It is obvious that hard working nations have achieved the peak of success and the values of sold prosperity. They have achieved the scientific and technical approach in all the faculties of life.
Scientific advancement ha modernized the worth of human life. Basement of comfort and easiness is fundamentally related to the technological approach. It has progressed in each and every field. It is contemplated as the age of Computer Science.
Modernization of Internet system of computer is the best revelation of scientific development. Electronic media has flourished at a vast scale. Countries of the third world are also enjoying the advancement of scientific research.
Now the scientific approach and technological advancement have entered the 21st century. This modern century is considered as fraught with prospects and challenges. Societies are supposed to face these enhancing challenges.
Scientific inventions and flourishing mechanical industrialization have propagated the comforts of life. Beside all that comfort and easiness, modern ago has its own problematic issues. It has arose some technical problems which are taken as the challenges of the 21st century.
It is a distinct fact that modern world has to face the complexities of pollution of air and noise. Air pollution is more harmful than noise pollution. Perpetual air pollution is too dangerous for the upper atmospheric layer of ozone gas as well as to the whole humanity.
Noise pollution is the cause of developing mechanization. Flourishing mechanical industrialization has played an important role in wiping out the calm and quiet and peaceful beauty of nature.
Another cause of excessive human anxiety is the misuse of scientific Inventions in the faculty of war weapons. Atomic science nuclear energy has a twinkling approach. Nuclear science is contemplated as the peak of achievement and it is the phenomenon of the real power of a country.
Beside all such shining prospects, it is a well proved fact that misuse of nuclear energy has brought a huge destruction in past age. It has proved itself to be too horrible.
Violence of modern war weapons is considered as the sword of horror. Prospects of modern science are really glowing and they would have a dazzling impact on the doors of 21st century but the achievement of nuclear science may put it into demonstration.
We would have to accept these challenges with profound Intellect for the prosperity of mankind.

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