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Essay - The Impact Of Electronic Media On Our Society

The Impact Of Electronic Media On Our Society

Practical Centre Essays on "The Impact Of Electronic Media On Our Society"

Science and technology has made the marvels. It has made the dreams materialized, the unthinkable a reality, the impossible, the practical. Its accomplishments are wonderfully unprecedented to yet in the history. Where it has made havoc with the fabric of the’ social values, assaulted the ages old civilization and traditions, it has added to the speed, accuracy and convenience to the best ever. Where it has made life comfortable and easy, Modern ways, and means and changing life patterns of our society have made the individuals of the society lazy and sluggish,
To start with, the science and technology revolution has replaced all the ancient civilizations and cultures as the only modern and cosmopolitan culture. With the world turned into a global village, the net knits the world together. Imagine any part of the world, via net its quite easy to access any part of the world.
This electronic revolution, has assaulted the ages old cultures of the world. It has not only tried to efface the worst out of the world, it seems to sweep away the best from the various cultures of the world. No doubt electronic media has made the knowledge easily and speedily accessible, it has made men lazy and sluggish as well.
The sociability, the sense of company and sitting together, sharing the sorrows and solving them together is decreased to a disappointing level. The young ones are engaged in watching their favorite channel, or surfing the desired web, chatting a newly made unseen friend, or texting to some opposite gender. The parents often miss a few minutes company with their children.
Electronic media that includes all means of communication, the network of which is scattered through out the world, is supposed to play a big role in spreading the social values, culture and civilization. It has played a functional role in modifying the cultural and moral value of a society. The trends and values acceptable in one corner of the world are introduced where these are considered as taboos. The western fashion and dressing code, is a big cultural assault over the modest veil wearing eastern females. This cultural assault is not simply confined to the fashion and designing even the difference in behaviours and attitudes is worrying if not completely condemnable.
The easy access to information eases the propaganda against opponent, mostly malevolently. The malevolent western propaganda against so called Islamic terrorism and Talibanization are the worst examples of misuse of media.
The Islamic values, dressing code, putting beard, its ideology are put to criticism by western media. The young generation in close contact with the media are worst affected by this cultural assault and thus join that stream mistakenly. Apart from the negative impact of electronic media, neglecting its advantages and positive contribution will be unjustifiable. It is the use of electronic media that makes it positive or negative. The use of Electronic media for the academic purpose is above all praise. It blesses unlimited access to the written electronic libraries of the world, which otherwise is next to impossible. A huge sea of information and knowledge available on different websites is just at a click distance.
Thus the electronic media has wiped out the distances surprisingly. A student sitting at one corner of the word can seek guidance from an expert sitting at other corner of the world. The online degree programmers allow world wide excess, and a worldwide recognized degree. Through blogs one can share opinion and knowledge with any student worldwide.
This and many more advantages can be attributed to the electronic media. No one can deny the negative impact of this media, as well. In order to escape, or rather minimize the harms and avail multiple advantages of electronic media, we need awareness of both. We should try not to compromise our valuable values, on the cost of speed or convenience.

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