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Essay - Tourism In Pakistan

Tourism In Pakistan

Practical Centre Essays on "Tourism In Pakistan"

This cosmos is vast enough to explore. It is full of natural beauty. This natural beauty is the revelation of the creative work of the Almighty Allah.
Man has always been much curious to know the mystery of this universe. He wants to explore this mysterious universe. It is his profound desire to get awareness about the secrets of
There are countless people in this world that are fond of traveling. They travel or different purposes. Their objectives may be exploration, research, awareness or delight. This traveling is given the name “Tourism”.
Tourism has now become an industry and it is growing very fast in the countries, which are full of natural beauty. There are vast plains, hills, mountains valleys, rivers, lakes and brooks in this country, which enhance the natural beauty of Pakistan. This natural beauty is really fascinating which attracts the, tourists towards its landscape. The sights and scenes of the valleys and mountains of Pakistan are so beautiful, amazing and inspiring that is provides a peaceful satisfaction to our soul.
Tourists from the whole world especially from the western world come to Pakistan to see these beautiful places like Sat, kaghan, Kalam and the Muree hills. These are the most beautiful places of Pakistan and the source of spiritual delight.
There are a number of other historical places, which are the reflection of past tradition and culture.
There are some other places like Moen-jo-Daro, Harapa and Taxila, which are the revelation of ancient civilization of Pakistan. These expressions are the reflection of the past culture and civilization. These historical spots are of archaeological interest.
The government of Pakistan set up the department of Tourism in 1960. There are number of branches, offices and hotels in Pakistan which have been set up for the purpose of flourishing trade of tourism.
Tourism is the best paying industry. It is the source of earning foreign exchange, which is the basic need of a government for the development of its planned projects. Tourism is also concerned with the hotel industry. It ascends the economic growth. Income received from this trade may be utilized for the progress and prosperity of rural areas.
It is the duty of the government of Pakistan to take profound interest in this flourishing industry because of the fact that tourists are supposed to be the ambassador of a country and it is a fruitful industry, which strengthens the relationships among the nations.

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