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Essay - Importance Of IT (Information Technology)

Importance Of IT (Information Technology)

Practical Centre Essays on "Importance Of IT (Information Technology)"

The science has been busy to provide the humanity with all that can be conceived or dreamt of. A prolonged list of amazing scientific inventions that have added to the convenience and ease of the humanity can be described. Computer is the latest of inventions of all these.
Computer is an electronic machine that accepts the data and offers the designed results within a wink of an eye. It provides the solution so quickly that the human being would have taken the years for the same. Computer has got its application in almost every walk of life, whether it is medical, engineering, architecture, education or defense the computer is found every where, it has conquered almost a!l the
Besides, the internet has revolutionized the world. The world is now considered as a global village. Sitting in one part of the world one can access to the other part just with a touch of finger. From communication or exchange of information to the business agreements while sitting on one’s own PC accessing all information has become no more in possible.
Where the computer has been the most useful is in education. Through internet one can visit one of the greatest libraries of the world, consult The prominent scholars and educationists of the world. The literature and information can be easily accessed through internet.
Besides teaching and training where this miraculous invention has its worth is in solving the most serious problem controlling the world i.e. unemployment. This field absorbs a vast majority of the unemployed persons. It offers a bright future and lucrative jobs for the skilled persons.
It is the one side of the coin on the other side this invention has horrified the world. It has played havoc to the moral values and wasted the time and energies of the youth. The list of the demerits of this technology is vast arid prolonged. This technology has been applied in the weapons of mass destruction.
Weighing the merits and demerits of this amazing invention it can better be concluded that the computer is a great and amazing scientific miracle. It can be more useful for humanity if applied properly. This invention holds the greater promises, brighter futures and quite a different world for the generations to come.

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