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Essay - The Problem Of Over Population

The Problem Of Over Population

Practical Centre Essays on "The Problem Of Over Population"

The world today faces many problems despite the fact that it has taken long strides in science, technology and knowledge. One such problem is over population especially in developing countries. The population is growing so fast, that it grows in geometric progression whereas economic goods grow only in Arithmetic progression that demographers say there will not be literally any standing space on earth for her teeming millions. Let us find out the causes for such a growth, the problem or problems such a growth causes and the possible
The fast growth in population can be attributed to good health, lowering of mortality rate, combating famine when and where it occurs. With the knowledge of science many killer diseases have been literally conquered. For instance, smallpox which used to take a heavy toll of lives has been eradicated from almost all countries, so too has cholera, plague and so on. Even Tuberculosis is kept under control. The wave of flu which accounted for millions of death in 1919 was nothing but a common cold. Infant mortality has been reduced considerably by taking pre-natal and post-natal care. Child mortality is kept under check by protecting the child against Tetanus and Polio. Thus while the number of deaths is reduced, there is no control on birth as a result the population is increasing at a runaway speed.
Again periodic famine in certain countries used to take away the lives of thousands of people. Now with the better management of the world’s food, in the matter of production, storage and distribution, no part of the world needs suffer from famine. Add to this the better methods of producing more food that are being adopted. By using better manures and fertilizers, high yielding seeds, by pest control and water management there has been a revolution in food production. These are some positive conditions which contribute to the growth of population.
The growth of population has its problems as we shall see. As there are more and more mouths to be fed, there comes a great strain on the resources of a country; this is real in the case of developing countries with the result they are unable to push ahead economically. As food is not sufficient there is chronic malnutrition in these countries especially in women and children resulting in weaker population who would only economically be a drain on the country as their productive years will be short. As health and education are the State’s affair, they affect the country’s finances. So in developing countries health and illiteracy continue to be the problem. The unwieldy growth of population leads to the problem of housing and sanitation. In many countries the slums are a sore to the eyes. Slums grow round big cities and are found with all the drawbacks. These are the areas of disease, filth and crime.
Now people have realized the dangers of over population. Every country is caught up with this problem and population growth control has become an economic necessity. In fact it is a survival necessity. Family planning has become a household word. Though there have been objections on religious arid other grounds, people have come to accept family planning as a fact of life. Some countries have taken it seriously that it has become a national effort. Through mass media people are being warned and educated. Inducements are made in the forms of free treatment, earned leave and cash gifts. Men and woman in their productive age can get themselves sterilized. Vast research is going on to introduce simpler methods.
Still the world may be saved from population explosion. May be there are more Green Revolution miracles up the sleeves. May be birth control miracles in the next ten years may save us. Right now the whole world seems bored with Family Planning. Can the world afford the luxury of such boredom?

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