Short Stories

Short Stories
  1. A Bad Man Always Finds an Excuse for Doing Wrong
  2. A Bird in Hand is better Than two in the Bush
  3. A Bird in Hand is Better than two in the Bush
  4. A Bought Comfort Isn’t A Blessing
  5. A Bullet-Proof Coat
  6. A Dog and his Reflection
  7. A Farmer and His Daughter
  8. A Farmer and His Sons
  9. A Foolish Crow
  10. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  11. A Friend in Need is the Friend Indeed
  12. A good name is better than bags of gold
  13. A Good Turn Deserves Another
  14. A Guilty Conscience Dreads His Own Shadow
  15. A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuse
  16. A High Rank Needs High Sense
  17. A Hunter, a Deer, a Pig, a Snake and a Jackal
  18. A Kind Act is Repaid in this World Too
  19. A liar is Always a liar
  20. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
  21. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
  22. A Man is known by The Company he keeps
  23. A man who digs a Pit for Others Falls into It Himself
  24. A Messenger and the Shoe of His Horse
  25. A Rich Mouse and a Holy Man
  26. A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss
  27. A Stitch in Time Save Nine
  28. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  29. A Tyrant Can Invent Any Excuse
  30. A Wilful Person Ever Suffers
  31. All that Glitters is not Gold
  32. An Old Tiger and a Greedy Traveller
  33. Appearance Is Often Deceptive
  34. As you saw so you Reap
  35. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Tit For Tat
  36. Avoid Strong Neighbours
  37. Be Ever-Ready for The Worst
  38. Beauty Needs No Ornaments
  39. Belling the Cat
  40. Beware Of Hypocrites
  41. Blaming Needs Wisdom
  42. Blessing in Disguise
  43. Brain is Mightier than the Body
  44. Brain is Mightier than the Body
  45. Care free Life is a Boon
  46. Catch at the Shadow, and Loose the Substance
  47. Catch the Shadow and Lose the Substance
  48. Charity Begins at home
  49. Cinderella
  50. Compromise is always fruitful
  51. Compromise is Always Fruitful
  52. Deeds Not Mere Words
  53. Do good and have good
  54. Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise
  55. Example Is Better Than Precept
  56. Excess of Anything Is Bad
  57. Failure is the Prelude to Success
  58. Fishermen
  59. Flattery Injures the Most
  60. Foolish Friends Are Foes Indeed
  61. Fortune Favors The Brave
  62. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
  63. Goodness is Repaid
  64. Grapes are Sour
  65. Grapes are Sour
  66. Greed is a Curse
  67. Greedy Travellers
  68. Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser
  69. Handsome is that Handsome Does
  70. Hansel and Gretel
  71. Haste makes waste
  72. He Who Digs a Pit for Others Falls Into It Himself
  73. Honestly is the Best Policy
  74. Honesty is the Best Policy
  75. How Poor We Are?
  76. It is Difficult to Please Everybody
  77. It never pays to overreach oneself
  78. It Never Pays To Overreach Oneself
  79. Jack and the Beanstalk
  80. Keep Your Eyes Open
  81. Kindness never goes unrewarded
  82. King Midas
  83. King Thrush beard
  84. Knowledge is Power
  85. Learn To Fix Your Loyalty
  86. Little Red Riding Hood
  87. Look before you Ieap
  88. Look Before You Leap
  89. Look Before You Leap
  90. Look Before You Leap
  91. Mercy Never Goes Unrewarded
  92. Might is Right
  93. Might is Right
  94. Much Wants More and Loses All
  95. Necessity is the Mother of Invention
  96. Never Be Ungrateful
  97. Never Grumble Over Your Lot
  98. Never Heed Your Enemy’s Advice
  99. Never Join Bad Company
  100. No gains without pains
  101. No pains No Gains
  102. No Work, No Food
  103. Nobody Believes a Liar
  104. One In-Hand Is Worth Two In-Bush
  105. One On Two Stools Surely Falls
  106. Only Others Can Tell your Worth
  107. People Good and Bad
  108. Pinocchio
  109. Pride Goes to Fall
  110. Pride hath a Fall
  111. Pride Hath a Fall
  112. Prosperity Gains Friends While Adversity Tries Them
  113. Robbers Turn Good Citizens
  114. Self Help is the Best Help
  115. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  116. Slow But Steady Wins the Race
  117. Slowly and Steady Wins the Race
  118. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child
  119. Spare The Rod, And Spoil The Child
  120. Speak the Truth But Not Hurtfully
  121. Sweep Before Your Own Poor first
  122. The Balloon
  123. The Basket of Mangoes
  124. The Behaviour Counts
  125. The Bulls and the Tiger
  126. The Cabbage
  127. The Clever Fox and the Foolish Crow
  128. The clever Rabbit and the Elephant
  129. The Crow and the Fox
  130. The Dog and the Wolf
  131. The Dogs
  132. The Dove and the Bee
  133. The Elephant and the Animals
  134. The Enemy’s Advice
  135. The Farmer and His Lazy Sons
  136. The Farmer and the Dog
  137. The Farmer’s Wife
  138. The Farmer’s Wife and the Crow
  139. The Foolish Guard
  140. The Foolish Stag
  141. The Four Travellers
  142. The Fox and the Crane
  143. The Fox and the Goat
  144. The Frog Prince
  145. The Goat and the Goatherd
  146. The Greedy Dog
  147. The Hare and the Tortoise
  148. The Hawk Pleaded for Mercy
  149. The Hen That Laid a Golden Egg
  150. The Hodge and the Crow
  151. The Ill We do Recoils Upon Us
  152. The ills we do Recoiles on Us
  153. The Jackal and the Camel
  154. The Jay and the Peacocks
  155. The King and the Spider
  156. The Lion
  157. The Lion and the Hare
  158. The Lion Going to War
  159. The Man and the Elephant
  160. The Man and The Elephant
  161. The Master and his Student
  162. The Mouse and the Lion
  163. The Old Man and His Son with Their Donkey
  164. The Peacock
  165. The Pillar of Success Fortunes Favours the Brave
  166. The Proud Hare and the Tortoise
  167. The Proud Lady and the Caterpillar
  168. The Rope Dancer
  169. The Slave and the Lion
  170. The Strange Hen
  171. The Tailor and the Elephant
  172. The Thirsty Crow
  173. The Three Brothers
  174. The Three Little Pigs
  175. The Tiger and the Woodpecker
  176. The Tree That Lived For Others
  177. The Trooper and his Horse
  178. The Two Friends
  179. The Two Lizards
  180. The Two Parrots
  181. The Ugly Duckling
  182. The Ungrateful Master
  183. The Village Jester
  184. The Wicked Deserve No Mercy
  185. The Wise Always Benefit From the Mistakes of Others
  186. The Wise Always, Profit by the Mistakes of the Foolish
  187. The Wise Investment
  188. The Wise Owl
  189. The Wolf and the Man
  190. The Young Girl and the Hen
  191. Think before you act
  192. Think Twice Before You Act
  193. Three Friends and a Bag of Gold
  194. Tit For Tat
  195. Truth always Triumphs
  196. Try, Try Again
  197. Two Friends and the Bear
  198. Uneasy lies the head that wear crown
  199. United We Stand : Divided We Fall
  200. Unity is Strength
  201. Unwise Start Leads To A Sad End
  202. When Villagers Saw the Heavens
  203. Where there is a will, there is a way
  204. Why the Sky Is So High
  205. Wickedness Brings In Ruin

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